13 Matching Sets You Can Shop at Lululemon, Because Your Shades of Black Should Match


My fail-safe workout outfit is a black tank top and black leggings. I know it’s kind of uninspired, but it’s what makes me feel best. When I go to pull pieces from different brands, though, lots of times the shades don’t match; one will be a true black and one will be more of a faded, heather black. I really like everything to match, so I’ve started shopping more matching sets. This way, I know I’ll be put together, and when I feel cute, I’m much more inspired to hold that plank or add jump squats to my routine. When I’m looking for high-performance activewear that looks great on, I turn to Lululemon.

If you’re looking for cute, functional matching workout sets, try these 13 options from Lululemon. It’s no secret how much we love the brand’s leggings and sports bras, so stock up on your favorites or try a new style. Now, let’s get shopping.

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