All the Makeup Saweetie’s Wearing in Her “Fast (Motion)” Music Video


Dramatically long, ’90s-inspired nails, bejeweled baby hairs, and shimmery, colorful makeup — Saweetie has given us all of these playful looks over the past year in anticipation of her album Pretty Bitch Music. The beauty moments in the music video for her latest catchy single, “Fast (Motion),” are no exception. You can catch the Bay Area-raised rapper living it up as a blonde athlete as she competes in multiple sports around the world. 

Right off the bat, Saweetie is seen stretching in a baby blue Icy University leotard with a high honey blonde ponytail and thick, black cat-eyes before she proceeds to sprint into the next frame.


 In a split-second, she’s running down a soccer field in a blue-and-white soccer uniform, two little buns with a low ponytail in a similar golden hue, and white eyeliner to score a goal. The video continues like this as Saweetie plays a different sport in each scene with a new outfit, hairstyle, and makeup. 


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